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Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Finkle Electric Ltd. remains the longest established electrical contracting service company in the Quinte region, having been established in the early 20th century, 1919 to be exact.

Our company strives in being up to date in all electrical industry fields; including commercial, industrial and residential. Along with the ever changing lighting industry Finkle Electric excels at researching and implementing the newest technologies and passing on energy saving information to our clients.

We work according to the guidelines set out by the Electrical Safety Authority to assure all installations are deficiency free and safe for the consumer so families can rest assured knowing the electrical installations are guaranteed to be safe and done properly.

Accredited by the Electrical Safety Authority, Finkle Electric is a designated ACP contractor within their certification program featuring companies that carry out the highest standards in the electrical industry.

At Finkle Electric we service what we sell, and whether it’s electrical equipment, lighting, heating and controls, air conditioning, or exhaust and circulating fans we provide excellence in quality, selection and service.

Our staff of electricians are ready to respond to all electrical needs, whether it’s installation, service, trouble shooting and repairs of all aspects of lighting and electrical service, or upgrades of residential, commercial and industrial electrical panels.

Fully bonded representatives will rectify your situation with the utmost professionalism, and up to date electrical training and knowledge combined with the reliability of a company with almost 100 years of electrical experience.

Our staff is fully versed on LED lighting trends, as well as energy saving techniques and audits required for rebate programs provided by the government.

At Finkles we specialize in service upgrades; either 100, 200, or larger, panel replacements from fuse to breakers, lighting installations, troubleshooting, including thermal imaging, meggering and repairs, exterior lot lighting, signage, timers and controllers.

So whether you plug it in, wire it in, switch it, control it, light with it, heat with it , cool with it, when it comes to electrical;

“WE CAN DO THAT” For close to 100 years “WE'VE BEEN CHANGING JUST FOR YOU” and for many more years to come we will still be doing just that.

Master Electrician on staff and in the field - Finkle Electric is your best choice. Book a service call now at (613)707-4430 or call for after hour’s service. (24 Hours Emergency Service provided.)